Your Guide To Becoming A Pro-rider!


Hyderabad, here are your tips to becoming a Pro-rider! Scroll below to know how, tap the app and get going.


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Request For Others

Experience the ease of requesting a ride for your friends and family, from their location. Simply drop your pin on their location and hit request. An SMS will be sent to you chosen contact with the car and partner details. Get your folks moving now!


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Pool Your Ride

Make your city greener while getting rid of parking hassles. Tap your app and select the UberPOOL view. Enter your pick up location and destination. Select the number of seats you need and hit request. UberPOOL up to 50% cheaper than UberGO.


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Share Your ETA

Simply tap on ‘Send Trip Status’ from your Uber app, while on a trip. Select the person you want to send your ETA to. An SMS will be sent to the chosen contact with your current trip details and ETA.


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Choose The Way You Pay

Uber gives you the freedom to decide how you wish to pay for your ride. Simply slide over to the payments tab from the menu, and click on the payment method of your choice.


Know Your Rider Rating

Want to brag about how great a rider you are? Find your rating. Here’s how. Simply open your app. Tap on ‘Help’, then pick ‘Accounts And Payments’ and go to ‘Account Settings And Ratings’ to request your rider rating.

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