uberXclusive Club

What Is the uberXclusive club?

uberXclusive club  is a member only club that gives you access to the best of Uber. From exclusive discounts, early updates, early and guaranteed access for  demands views, to  delightful offers from our partners uberXclusive amplifies the overall Uber experience in your city. Every week on Friday, members receive offers and updates via e-mail and on their Uber app feed.

How Do I Get Access?

In order to keep the experience premium, we have opened the member ship to riders who spend INR500 or above on an average every week with us for the last month and riders who take a minimum of one uberX trip every week for the last month. If you fall in to either of the above categories, you will automatically be given access to the view.

How Do I Know I Am A Member?

If you have either spent INR500 or above on an average every week for the last month with us or have taken a minimum of one uberX trip every week for the last month then simply look out for an e-mail from us on Friday evening or scroll your in app feed for a card that looks like this.




Preview of last week’s offers

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