Hyderabad, It’s Been 3 Incredible Years!

Three years, tens of thousands of journeys, thousands of stories, one city. As we reflect on the 3 years we’ve spent moving Hyderabad, through the course of the day we will be giving you a glimpse into your stories.

Thank you for making Uber the most preferred ride in town.





“I was 2014, I was looking to buy a car when I heard about this app called Uber. I was fascinated. I took my first ride to Kukatpally, Manjira Mall in an Innova. It was such seamless experience! l’ve given up the idea of buying a car.”

– Sree, An Uber Rider



“It was a wonderful Uber moment just yesterday when the Uber driver didn’t have change for my ₹2000 note but told me to Paytm the money whenever it’s convenient. I transferred the money 8 long hours later and not once did he text/call/pester to pay!”

– Shreya, An Uber Rider


“I woke up one morning to a call form an Uber driver. He called to inform me that I had left my wallet in his car last night. Not only had I left my wallet, I had not even realised that it was missing. The good old chap came all the way to return it”

– Swapnil, An Uber Rider


“I was running late for a flight. My Uber driver could sense my anxiety. He used all short cuts he knew and kept reassuring me that I will definitely make it. He got me to the airport just in time. The genuine concern quite literally made my day”   

– Vijay, An Uber Rider



“I was late to the airport. Throughout the ride I was anxious and jittery. After I cleared security I saw a missed call. I called back. A concerned Uber driver answered, wanting to know whether I made it to my flight. Service excellence at its best!”

– Ruchi, An Uber Rider



“Before, it was difficult to find taxi’s and auto’s. Most auto guys would charge what ever they felt like. Travel has become so much easier with Uber. The cars are available whenever you need one and payments are simple. The experience is seamless.”

– Murtuza, An Uber Rider

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