Uber like a Pro

Let Uber be your own private driver to take you around Apna Hyderabad. Since launch, we at Uber have strived hard to provide Hyderabadis a safe, reliable and efficient way to get around town. Here are a few Pro-tips to get the most out of your experience.

Make sure you are in YOUR Uber!

Driver - Details (1)Confirm you’re getting in the right Uber. Double check that the license plate number matches the car’s plate and photo matches the driver. Confirm your driver’s name and tell him your name.

                                                    City Limits


Over the past 15 months, we’ve worked relentlessly to put more cars on the road so that you can get an Uber anywhere within the city in just a few minutes. Uber serves the entire city right up until the outer ring road. Read our blog to know our city limits.

                                                    Waiting Policy

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We are a strictly on-demand service and driver-partners will wait up to 10 minutes. This helps ensure partner economics are justified and helps get more people around the city.

Don’t Crowd in an Uber


Have more than 4 passengers? Request a second Uber. Don’t want to request a second Uber, try UberSUV.

No Drinking & Smoking in an Uber!

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Alcoholic beverages and smoking are strictly prohibited. Be respectful of your driver’s wishes as it is their office you’re sitting in.

Uber On,
Team Uber Hyderabad

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