#RideSmartHyd – Ride Responsibly

Hyderabad! Join us to help spread the word about #RideSmartHyd, an initiative to create awareness and empower Hyderabadis to choose smart riding options after a night on the town.

Drinking and driving is a serious concern and now with Uber there is a reliable, safe and stylish alternative to avail during a night out. This campaign brings home this civic message in a fun manner through a series of events over the course of a month.

Prominent Hyderabadis Jwala Gutta, Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Shilpa Reddy have lent their voices to this cause.


Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Actress & Founder of Pratyusha Support – “Safety isn’t expensive. It’s as simple and affordable as an Uber ride. #RideSmartHyd, be safe!”


Shilpa Reddy, Model & Designer – “You might be from planet ‘Silly’, if you think driving after drinking is cool. Drinking right and riding safe is cool, to top that riding smart and in style with ‘Uber’ is SUPER COOL!”


Jwala Gutta, Professional Badminton Player –“The only problem with drinking and driving is the ‘Mourning’ after.”


Support us socially

Support the campaign by Tweeting or posting on Facebook using the hashtag #RideSmartHyd. New Uber riders get two free rides up to ₹ 300 off with the promo code ‘RIDESMARTHYD’.

#RideSmartHyd Launch party and the month ahead

The campaign kicked off with a bang on the 22nd of May. An Uber and Pernod Ricard branded party bus went around town to exclusive venues with a great bunch of enthusiastic party goers. Guests got to party at Olive, Lost Society and Over The Moon and plenty of Ubers were around to ferry them home safely at the end of the night.




Throughout this month you can catch us at your favorite restaurants and bars across Hyderabad. We have partnered with the leading establishments in town and will be organizing pop-up events and games to spread the word about #RideSmartHyd. Plenty of Uber credits are there to be won. So stop by for a big night, leave your car at home and take an Uber instead.



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