Ride At Just ₹49

Ride At Flat ₹49 

Hyderabad, gear up for uberPOOL flat fares of ₹49 upto 8 kilometres!

Request uberPOOL at ₹49 and we’ll connect you with other riders traveling along your route, so you can share your trip and spend no more than the price of a cup of coffee.

If you’re new to uberPOOL, don’t worry – this 5-minute guide will transform you into a POOL Pro and all ready for the POOL party this week.

How this works

 1. Open your Uber app and set your pickup and drop-off location under the uberPOOL option.

2. uberPOOL finds the most efficient match for your route. If you cancel and re-request, you’ll likely be paired with the same match.

3. You will pay no more than your upfront fare of  ₹49  for distances upto 8 kms for 3 trips, whether you’re matched or not – no surprises!

How far can you go with ₹49?

Jubilee Hills to Inorbit Mall:₹ 80 49

Banjara Hills to Necklace Road:₹95 49

KPHB to Hitec City:₹ 90 49

Terms and Conditions

1. Promotion is valid only for rides in Hyderabad, beginning Tuesday, 9th May, 2017 till 11:59 pm, Sunday, 14th May, 2017.


2. Promotion is applicable on 3 trips up to 8 Kms ONLY

3. Trips over 8 Kms will be charged as per normal fare structure

4. Only available on uberPOOL rides

5. Uber reserves the right to adjudge and verify the eligibility criteria of rider receiving the discount.

6. Promo may not apply if you change your destination mid-way or alight far from the entered destination.

7. ₹10 will be charged additionally for seating a capacity of two people.

9. uberPOOL is available everyday between 6 am and 10 pm.

10. No promotion code required – flat fares will be visible upfront.

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