Moving to a safer Hyderabad, together

Thanks for your patience and continued support over the last year. The last few weeks have been testing but, we stand committed to making urban mobility affordable, convenient and reliable for riders, while creating a new breed of micro-entrepreneurs within our nation’s driver community.

The safety of our riders and drivers is the highest priority for us; not only for the rides we enable in Hyderabad and across India, but also for the 1+ million trips we are facilitating around the world everyday. We will work round the clock to leverage technology to bring greater accountability to your transportation experience; because we firmly believe that the answer to safety lies in superior technology.

Our commitment to safety has always been a top priority.

To that end, we’ve been working around the clock to make Uber Hyderabad even safer and we wanted to take this opportunity to clarify Uber’s core safety aspects and to update you on our progress.


POLICE VERIFICATIONS – Instituting a refreshed and authentic police verification process for all Uber driver-partners in Hyderabad.

DOCUMENT VERIFICATION – A local team of specially-trained safety experts to detect fraud, verify and authenticate driver / vehicle documents and test the validity of our screening has been implemented.

BACKGROUND CHECKS – Going above and beyond required government verification, we’re engaging local and global experts to evaluate the most effective background screening solution across India; pilot programs are already running in select cities.

INCIDENT RESPONSE TEAM – A local and dedicated customer support center that will specialise on resolving critical issues for our rider and driver community in India

IMPROVED IN-APP SAFETY FUNCTIONS – An enhanced ShareMyETA button is the first of a whole set of new integrated Uber safety features coming to India. ShareMyETA allows you to send your complete trip details (including live GPS trackingdriver photo, name and vehicle license no.) to your loved ones.


NO RANDOM PICKUPS  You’ll see your driver’s name, photo, license plate number, car make and model, and aggregated feedback rating when your booking request is confirmed — so you always know who’s picking you up ahead of time. The transparency that is built-in promotes true accountability.

LICENSED DRIVER-PARTNERS – Partnering exclusively with commercially licensed and insured driver-partners who are required to be police verified as part of the licensing process by state transport authorities and are eligible to provide transportation for a fee.

GPS TRACKING – Uber’s pioneering, built-in ‘Share my ETA’ function powered by real-time GPS tracking allows you to share your complete trip details with friends or loved ones so they know who your driver is and where you are when riding with Uber. Also, every Uber ride is tracked by GPS and has a record.

MANDATORY RATING – A compulsory rating system with optional feedback that helps maintains only high quality drivers on the platform. The best drivers are recognized and earn more money and poor or unreliable drivers are immediately removed from the platform.

CASHLESS CONVENIENCE – Hassle-free, cashless payments via Paytm’s digital wallet solution means not having to worry about carrying any cash.

Our quest to ensure your safety will not stop.

Features such as the Enhanced ShareMyETA and safety specialist teams like Incident Response Team are being deployed in India first. We will work extensively on real-time incident prevention and redressal through technological innovation, process overhauls and partnerships.

We are fully committed to making Uber the safest way to get around India and everyone at Uber, from San Francisco to Hyderabad, is working hard to show that commitment.

Thank you for your continued support & riding with us on this journey.

– Team Uber Hyderabad

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