Know Your Fares

Fare Splitting = Fair Splitting

It’s said that 4 out of 3 people can’t do fractions. At Uber, we love math but we understand that not everyone does. So we’re going to do the long division for you. Using fare splitting you can split your fare with anyone anytime and anywhere!

How It Works

To split a fare, you…

  1. Request a ride
  2. Tap the “up arrow” icon next to your driver’s info
  3. Select “Split Fare”
  4. Choose your friends
  5. Tap “Send”

Your friend(s)…

  1. Tap the link in the text message from Uber
  2. Your friends who don’t have an Uber account will be prompted to download the app and sign up
  3. Your Uber-savvy friends will be taken directly to the Uber app
  4. Your friends will confirm they want to split your fare

Then let Uber take care of the rest!

How Is My Fare Calculated?

With up front fares we have made the math simple. You know exactly how much you need to pay before you take the ride – this way you get to decide what’s best for you and your budget.

Day Time Fare Structure

uberGO ₹25 ₹1.5 ₹50
uberX ₹40 ₹1.5 ₹50


Night Time Fare Structure (12-6 am)

uberGO ₹35 ₹1.5 ₹50
uberX ₹55 ₹1.5 ₹50

What can lead to fare changes?

1. Fare change due to incorrect pick up or drop off location

Upfront fares are calculated basis your exact pickup and drop off locations. When this is not feasible, the closest pickup location and destination will help determine the best fare estimate for your trip. At such times, your final fare will change.

2. Fare change due to change in destination

If you decide to change your destination mid-way,  your final fare will change. The same holds true if you ask your driver to drop you off at a different location, instead of the one you entered.

3. Fare change due to a longer route

If an alternate route is taken to the one suggested on the app, the final fare will change basis the actual route taken. Encourage your driver to follow the suggested route. This helps us minimise the distance mismatch and maintain the upfront fare.

4. Fare change due to multiple pickups

When calculating upfront fare, we only take into account your own pickup. If you pick up friends or family on the way to your destination, it is likely that the final fare will change.

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