Hyderabad, thank you for 3 incredible years!

One lazy January 2014 afternoon, Ramesh decided to try out the Uber app on hearing exciting things from his friends. On signing up with his friends’ referral promo code for a free ride, he tapped on the request button. Little did he know that minutes later, an Audi Q7  would show up on his front porch, with Syed an Uber driver-partner saying ‘Hello’.

Fast forward 3 years, on a busy Monday morning, Ramesh opens his app requests for an UberPOOL ride to work. On it’s arrival within minutes, he steps into his Hyundai Xcent and is greeted by his fellow rider who is also headed to work.

From those exciting beginnings, you helped us scale and feel omnipresent in your city. Three years ago to the day, Uber officially launched in Hyderabad. With millions of journeys, and tens of thousands of economic opportunities created, we are touching and impacting lives across the city. We take immense pride in our global firsts with the cash launch, uberPOOL roll out and now uberMOTO.

To show our gratitude, we’re celebrating this city and its people by bringing to you the essence of Hyderabad at the tap of a button. We’ve lined up 3 days of exciting storytelling, an on-demand and a 2-day trip around this beautiful city. And, you’re invited!

As Uber Hyderabad crosses the three year milestone, here’s a fascinating retrospective look at our journey in Hyderabad :

Here’s a showcase of the amazing journey of our riders, driver-partners and the Uber Hyderabad team over the last 3 years.

Driver-Partner Stories                         Rider Stories                     Meet the team

To welcome our 4th year with wide arms, we’re bringing you Hyderabadi’s a hot plate of Biryani & ice cold Coca-Cola, ON-DEMAND! This 26th, open up the Uber app and request for lip-smacking food and beverages, and many more surprises.

As we kick-start our new year, we wanted to celebrate by giving you a grand tour of this beautiful city at prices that are as affordable as a Paradise Biryani. Imagine a 3, a gigantic 3 drawn on the map of Hyderabad that covers all of it’s iconic gems. Now imagine you can visit these spots all weekend at super affordable prices and you get the idea of an UberTOUR


Team Uber Hyderabad

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