Hyderabad, It’s Been An Incredible 3 Years!

Three years ago, Uber started operations in Hyderabad to solve a simple problem – how do you get a ride at the tap of a button? With millions of journeys, and tens of thousands of economic opportunities created, we are touching and impacting lives every single day.

As we reflect on the 3 years we’ve spent moving Hyderabad, through the course of the day we will be giving you a glimpse into the stories of Hyderabad’s top rated driver-partners, who beat the heat and brave the traffic everyday to move you from point A to B.




“I used to work for a travels company. I was in so much debt that I couldn’t pay for my children’s school fees. My life changed when I joined Uber. Today, I am my own boss. I drive with dignity. I am able to send my kids to a good school and my family is proud of me!”

– Narsimha G, a proud Uber Partner



“I was a struggling videographer before I joined Uber. Today, I am able to send my children to a private school and can afford a better life for my family. Riders love me and give me great ratings. I recommend Uber to my friends to live a life of dignity.”

– Syed Pasha, A Proud Uber Partner



“I used to work as a driver in a hotel. I bought one vehicle with the help of vehicle financing. I am happy working with Uber because I can take weekly off when needed and spend time with my family. Also, Uber is good in payments and pays on time.”

– Mohammed Nazir Ahmed, A Proud Uber Partner



“I was working as a private driver. Thanks to Uber I bought my own vehicle and became an owner. I constructed my own house without any loan. My family is happy because I’m able to spend time with them & I earn enough to meet my family’s requirements”   

– Mahboob Ali Syed, A Proud Uber Partner



“In my previous job as a travels company driver I had no freedom of work. Since I joined Uber I am free to work whenever I wish to. I like the flexibility and am happy not working under anyone. Feeling proud to work with Uber.”

– Anwar Khan, A Proud Uber Partner



“I was working with a private taxi driver. After joining Uber I bought my own car. I am happy with Uber. I can work when I am interested in driving. I am able to earn a good income and support my family.”

– Srinath Reddy, A Proud Uber Partner

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