Calling All Office Heroes of Hyderabad


Let us help spice up your work-week. Here is your chance to be an Uber OFFICE HERO. Get your colleagues riding Uber for free and win tons of Uber credits for yourself. Sounds like a sweet deal? Read on for more details!

Your Mission:

We’re offering you ₹600 credits for every colleague you get signed up on Uber by the 29th of June. Plus, we will also be on the lookout for the ultimate Uber OFFICE HERO. This champion will win bragging rights, tons of UberLove, adulation of the entire office and of course additional ₹10,000 in Uber credits and Uber swag.

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IT’S GAME ON! #UberHydOfficeHero

Feeling HEROIC? Here is how it works:

1. Submit your entry. We’ll create a special promo code just for you and email it to you within 24 hours with instructions
2. Spread the code with your colleagues and get ₹600 Uber credits for every sign up
3. Your colleagues who sign up with this special promo code receive a FREE ride up to ₹600
4. This is valid till midnight June 29, 2014
5. On June 30 we will announce the ultimate winner on Twitter
6. The Hero will get additional ₹10,000 in Uber credits

Special corporate offer:

Got any fun holiday parties, corporate events or team outings that are coming up? Reach out to us at and get your company a special corporate offer from Uber.

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