Brunch Crunch

This weekend, let us help you put money back in your wallet. Whether you are out shopping for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift or heading out for lunch with your friends, simply open your app to get special Uber discounts every hour between 12-4pm all this weekend!

How It Works:

1.Simply open your app on Saturday or Sunday between 12-4pm.

2.Every hour we will be posting a different promo code with a special discount.

3. Apply the promo code and uberON!




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Today, we are excited to announce the launch of carpooling in Hyderabad, uberPOOL. People going to the same place at the same time–will now be able to share their journey at a fraction of the cost. HOW TO POOL with uberPOOL  Selecting the uberPOOL option connects you real-time with 1-2 passengers heading in the same direction, […]