Hyderabad, Help Us Test Cash Payments

Hyderabad, choice is a beautiful thing and soon many of you will be able to pay for Uber rides using cash. That’s right – you get all the Uber awesomeness and even more options when it comes to paying for your ride. Simply choose the CASH option, take a ride and pay your driver directly […]

Uber like a Pro

Ditch your keys and let Uber be your own private driver to take you around Apna Hyderabad. Since launch, we at Uber have strived hard to provide Hyderabadis a safe, reliable and efficient way to get around town. Here are a few Pro-tips to get the most out of your experience.

Ride an Uber around Hyderabad

Have you always wondered how far can an Uber take you?

We understand that Uber’s coverage area in Hyderabad has not been clear to some of our riders and where we draw the city limits. To clarify, Uber serves the entire city right up until the outer ring road. We’ve also drawn up the map below so you know how far and wide Uber operates within the city