Become a Hump Day Hero! (#UberHumpDay)

UPDATE: Congrats (and thanks!) to our Hump Day Hero winners at @SocialChorus! If your company received a code but didn’t win the party, don’t fret—this code is good until May 31st!

Interested in getting a promo code for your own company in NYC? Give our New York Community Manager, Ed, a shout at

Rain getting you down? Problems on the L making for a frustrating morning? Well we know it’s Hump Day, but we’re here to help—Uber-style. A pack of Uber Community Managers have descended on New York City and we want to spice up you and your co-workers’ Wednesday.

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to improve your week is a sweet ride home. So for the next THREE HOURS ONLY, we’re offering to make YOU a Hump Day Hero and hook up your office co-workers with $20 off their first ride. The best part? We’re going to party with the office that loves Uber the most. TODAY.

  1. Tweet at us using the hashtag #UberHumpDay to let us know if you want in. Just think, YOU could be New York’s Hump Day Hero today.
  2. We’ll set up a custom promo code just for your office that’s good for $20 off first rides, so cash in! This code is only good if entered in the next 3 hours.
  3. Spread the Uber love to get your co-workers over Hump Day! The office with the most signups in the next TWO HOURS wins a party for you and 10 co-workers TODAY at 4pm, hosted by your favorite Uber community managers.


This is the ultimate Hump Day party, and trust us, we’re pretty fun. We’re going to come party at the office spreading the most Uber love! We’ll provide goodies and booze (if your boss is cool with that). We’re psyched to meet you! Oh, and we’ll send the Hump Day Hero home in an Uber tonight for free.


Spread the word far and wide in your office. Email? Sweet. Twitter? Check. Rock the water cooler and make sure your co-workers know that Uber is a sweet Hump Day solution. Be a hero!


  • Like any responsible happy hour go-er, all who imbibe must be of age (21+).
  • We love every Uber city, but today’s adventure is only for New York City (we’ll bring this to other cities soon!).
  • The $20 office promo is only for new Uber riders.
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