How Uber saved Anne

Super Uber

It ain’t easy being the best! People always want to steal your shine and when you’re the most awesome on-demand car service, some people want to steal your clients – literally! The following story comes from Anne, an Uber client who, in her rush to leave work, was almost “poached” by a non-Uber driver:

I work at Pier 9 on the Embarcadero. I had to leave rather suddenly yesterday around 3:00pm for a personal emergency. I know that taxi service can be uneven by my work so I requested an Uber. As I was standing in front of the Pier, two town cars pulled up – one right in front of the other. They both looked the same to me, so I got in the first car. However, when I did, I realized something was wrong. The driver didn’t have an iPhone or Android in his dash, the inside of the car was dirty, etc. Then he locked the doors and started to drive off. I looked behind me and the OTHER town car was honking his horn, flashing his lights and following us, letting me know that something wasn’t right. I managed to get the backdoor unlocked and jumped out (while it was still moving – scary!) and then ran back and got in the Uber.

Honestly, if the Uber driver hadn’t been so persistent with honking and flashing lights, I might not have put two-and-two together as quickly. The Uber driver could have driven off and gone on to another customer but he didn’t, so I appreciate that! Later on, the Uber driver told me that there are guys all around SF driving dirty town cars that fool people (usually tourists), and then end up charging them HUGE amounts, hustling them in some way, etc. Anyway, I’m not a tourist so I guess I just need to be more vigilant! He told me that an Uber driver would never drive an old dirty town car, lol.

Super Uber to the rescue!

Thanks Anne for sharing your story and congratulations on being a real-life action hero yourself – jumping out of a moving vehicle on Embarcadero takes guts! For tips on making sure you get the awesome Uber experience and not some shabby town car read our previous post How to tell you’re in an Uber.

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Ride on!