How to turn your phone on!



Congratulations! Your account is active and you are now an Uber Partner Driver! You are now able to go online and get trips. However, before you are actually able to make it ‘Online’, we need to get your phone set up.

Follow the steps below and use the pictures as a guide to help get you going!

Make sure you are viewing this blog on your phone to successfully download the app. However, after downloading you will also need another computer/phone/tablet to help you get online. 


 Steps to going online for the first time:

1. Download the app. In order to download the Uber driver app you will need to have access to a smartphone that has either the Android or iOS (iPhone) operating system. If you don’t have a smartphone or your smartphone has a different OS (e.g. Windows) then email or

To download, click the appropriate link below and press ‘Install’:




2. Open the Uber App. It’s the red button with the ‘U’ (for Uber!).

3. Login. Your username will be the full email address that you have provided to us.

Pro tip: You don’t need to go through the login process each time you go online. Just tap ‘Go Offline’ and close the app when you are finished for the day. Open the app and tap ‘Go Online’ when you are next on the road!

4. Select a vehicle. Press the select a vehicle button on the lower part of the screen. Your vehicle details. (registration and type) should load on the next page. Tap on this to continue. If ‘No Vehicles Registered’ comes up then please email or

5. Try to go online. At this stage the ‘Go Online’ screen should appear. Press the Green ‘Go Online’ button. However, you will still have more to do.

First time online SHORT

6. Take a profile photo – If you haven’t provided a suitable photo then now is the time. Riders see a small photo of you in the bottom of their screen after you have accepted their request. It’s how they know what they are looking for! Make sure it is a clear head shot. Your car may be nice but please don’t use a photo of it as your profile shot.

Pro Tip: Get someone else to take the photo. Mankind is generally not capable of taking a nice selfie… 

Driver Photo

7. You will now be online!!! When you see a map view of the city with a car in the middle (that’s little ol’ you!) then you are online and able to be requested by a happy Uber rider!

Pro tip: make sure you are in the car and ready to go when you are online. The ETA that the rider is given assumes you are in the car – not in front of the TV with your shoes off…


Make sure you watch the below video again before going online for the first time!

Click here to watch our short training video!


Any issues?

Please contact us at your city’s email address below