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Uber is a smart phone app that connects you with passengers. As long as you’ve got a phone, Uber will show you exactly where your next fare is. No dispatchers, no favourites, no hassles, no headaches. Uber Auckland are looking for drivers who are want to make money and maximise their downtime. With a huge growth in demand, now is the time to get driving!

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What do I need?

You might already have everything you need you get you on the road with Uber.

1. Drivers License
2. P Endorsement
3. Passenger Service License (PSL)
4. Private Hire Registration

If you are a private hire driver, all you need to do is get sign up with Uber to get more riders. If you don’t have any of the above, see how easy it is to get them here.



What about my car?

Your car is probably already ready to go! It will need to have a Certificate of Fitness and also have commercial insurance to operate as a private hire vehicle. Uber also requires that your car be newer than 2003, and for any signage to be removed while you are operating as an Uber Partner. This should be a piece of cake with magnetic signs and detachable top lights.



What if I have a van?

If you’ve got a van or a 6+ seater, even better! We’ve just launched our uberXL offering (Auckland only), and it’s in hot demand.

If your van has permanent signs, we’re happy to have a chat and see if we can get it Uber-ready.



What if I have more than one car?

That’s totally fine! We can set you up with a business account, which means that all your cars and drivers can go under the one account. We pay you into your business account, and you can distribute the money as you see fit. You could also set up Uber for each individual driver, who can get paid directly. Either way, you’ll be earning more money!



What are the fares like?

The beauty of Uber is that you can log on and log off at your choosing. This means you can be making extra money on your downtime, or if you are between jobs.

Uber rates are based on both time and distance.

uberX Auckand $1.50 base + 0.50c/min  + $1.45km
uberX Wellington $1.50 base + 0.50c/min + $1.85km
uberXL (Auckland Only) $3.50 base + 0.60c/min + $2.30/km

Uber partners are frequently earning $40+ per hour in peak periods with partners are earning $30+ per hour across the entire week.



How do I get paid?

The app calculates the fare and charges the passenger’s credit card automatically. No cash, no stress, no hassles.

Once you’re all set up, money will be deposited into your bank account each week.



Any extra fees?

Absolutely none! It’s free to get set up with Uber. No extra levies or fixed costs.

Nice right?



Still have questions?


Email us at or and we can give you a hand.

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