Getting licensed to drive with Uber!



In New Zealand, Uber works with partners who are fully licensed by the NZTA, to operate as a Private Hire service. You must have a Passenger Endorsement, which includes a police background check. This background check is constantly reviewed using NZTA’s Driver Check system.

We understand that not every one who wants the opportunity to earn money with their car is already licensed – so this page is here to help you understand the licensing process, and set expectations of time and cost.


What documents do I actually need?


New Zealand Drivers License

A license to drive! You must have held this for at least two years to be eligible for a Passenger Endorsement.


P Endorsement

This is a license to carry passengers for hire or reward (for example driving a Private Hire Vehicle / Shuttle). To get one of these you must have

– held a current New Zealand Driver’s License for at least two years

– completed an approved P endorsement course

– completed this form

– a Medical Certificate

– completed a Fit and Proper Persons Check (this is a Police Background check)

Once you have these, you can take them to a Transport Agency Licensing Agent. Remember to take along your Driver’s License and a bill/account letter to prove your current address, as well as being prepared to pay for it.

If you are in Wellington DriveWright offer P endorsement courses.


Passenger Service License

This is a license to operate a commercial passenger service. You will either need one of these to operate your own service, or be employed by someone who holds one of these Licenses. To get one of these licenses, you must have

– filled out this form

– a Certificate of Knowledge of law and practice


Private Hire Service Registration

This is a license to operate a Private Hire Vehicle. This is linked to a PSL, so your Private Hire needs to match your TSL number. As above, you can operate under someone else’s license who employs you. To get one of these, just fill out this form and send it away!


How long does it take, and how much does it cost?


P Endorsement

Cost  Approx. $500 for the P endorsement course, $160 for 1 year license, $70 for a medical certificate

Forms and testing time – 2 days at a P endorsement course

Processing time – 6-8 weeks. This is to complete the fit and proper persons check


Passenger Service License

Cost $470 for the license (including police vetting), $150 for the Certificate of knowledge of law and practice book and exam

Forms and testing time 3 hour test

Processing time 6-8 weeks. This is to complete the fit and proper persons check


Private Hire Service Registration

Cost No cost

Forms and testing time No test

Processing time 1-2 weeks


What about my car?


Your car will need to have a Certificate of Fitness. Getting a COF is easy, and you can do it at any VTNZ around the country. You do also need to have commercial insurance to operate as a Private Hire.


Still have questions?


Email us at or and we can give you a hand.

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