How to Maximise your Trips



Our job is to help all of our partners to be as successful on the Uber system as possible. The best way to maximise your trips and earnings is to be online at the busiest times and in the best locations.

Below is some advice about how to do just that! We can’t guarantee that if you go to a certain spot at a certain time that you will automatically get trips. However, we do know that if you follow this advice over time you will have higher average earnings.


The beauty of the Uber system is that you can go online whenever you want. We have demand all the time. However, clearly there are periods where demand is greater and this is when you will want to get online to maximise your earnings.

Below is a chart of all the trips we complete across an average week. The higher the line, the more trips that are being completed at that point in time.


Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 1.49.19 pm

You will see that there is a big difference between the weekdays and Friday/Saturday night. If you want to make the serious money then you will want to be out on the weekend. However, whilst there is less trips during the week, there is also less cars online so average earnings are actually quite good.

We have pointed out a couple of specific times:

  • 6am to 9am weekdays are the morning rush. We typically do not have enough cars online and the average fare is quite high. Position yourself in the inner suburbs (not the CBD) and you will hopefully get some good fares
  • 4pm to 5pm is both the afternoon rush hour on weekdays and the point at which Friday and Saturday night really begin to explode. You will want to make sure you are online and positioned by this time
  • 12am or midnight on Friday and Saturday is when we are at our busiest! Hourly earnings are typically double the average at this time!


The overwhelming majority of demand for Uber is generated from the inner suburbs. That is not to say there is not demand further out but there generally won’t be enough to make it worth your while being online there.

We understand that many of you live in the outer suburbs and would love to be able to be online near your homes. The simple truth is that there is not enough demand outside there yet. We expect this to change over time.

Below is a map of where the demand in Melbourne comes from. Have a look at the areas we have highlighted:

  • the yellow shading is what we call the ‘outer service zone’. There is demand out there but it is generally only at peak times and is not consistent. Look for this to grow very soon.
  • the orange area is the ‘core service zone’.  You will hear us talking about this a lot. This is where you will want to position yourself to get trips.
  • The red areas are ‘hot spots’. At peak times we are generally always under-supplied in these areas (particularly in South Yarra). Head there for trips!

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 2.58.19 pm

You may notice that we haven’t said anything about the city (CBD). Whilst it is true that the CBD has high demand, it is also the case that we are generally over-supplied there relative to other areas. As it is such a popular destination, many of you will eventually end up in the CBD.

We do not recommend beginning your day/night in the CBD or moving there after a trip to another location.


The Uber app uses live demand to give you some insight into busy areas at that exact moment. It also shows you which areas are surging, which is where you want to be to maximise your earnings! Watch the video below for what this looks like in the app.

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