New Year’s Eve – Pro Tips


New Year’s Eve is the biggest night of the year. We want to help all of you maximise the number of trips you do and ensure that we are delivering the best possible experience to our riders. Below are a bunch of tips to help you do just that!


You have all heard us say what the best locations in Melbourne are for getting trips: South Yarra, South Melbourne, Richmond and Fitzroy. On New Year’s Eve you will see lots of surge on your Partner App. However, this is not much good to you if you are in a location where there isn’t much demand!

Occasionally, drivers email and ask why they didn’t get a trip when they were in an area that was surging. This is because the ‘zones’ that you see are very large and the actual area causing that ‘zone’ to surge may be quite small. So you may be in an area that is surging but too far away from where the actual demand is!

Have a look at the map below:

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 12.53.45 pm

A couple of things to note:

  • Core service zone – the overwhelming majority (90%) of our demand still comes from inside those red boxes. You will want to head to these areas when you go online to get trips. You can get trips anywhere but they will be less frequent and less likely to surge.
  • Hot spots – the red circles indicate the actual specific areas within the service zone where demand is greatest: Chapel St, Brunswick St, Lygon St etc. The further away you get from where the most people are the less chance of trips you have. You want to be close to the areas with lots of restaurants, bars and people!
  • Outside the core service zone – you might see it surging in a zone that is outside the core service zone. If it is surging in the far east for example (e.g. past Camberwell) then that doesn’t mean you should expect to get trips in Mount Waverley. The orange circles show the precise area that is likely to be causing that zone to surge.
  • The CBD – it’s natural to see the big buildings in the City and think that you should be there to get trips. This isn’t necessarily true. On New Year’s Eve (or any other busy day for that matter) before midnight, we generally have lots of cars in the city and not enough in the inner suburbs (e.g. Chapel St). When you first go online, don’t head to the CBD. Many of you will end up there as a result of trips anyway!

Pro tip: download the rider app if you haven’t already. That will show you the nearest cars available at any given time. You can use this to better position yourself. Please note: you cannot register for a rider account with the same email you use for your driver account.


There will be a bunch of road closures on New Year’s Eve around the CBD. Please head here for full details on where and when the closures will take effect and have a look at the map below.

If you believe your ETA will be longer than the app advises because of a road closure then please call the rider and let them know so that they can decide whether they are happy to wait.

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 3.20.27 pm


There will be lots of new riders on the system on New Year’s Eve. This is a perfect chance to impress them with how great Uber is so that they keep coming back for more!

You all know how to deliver 5 Star Service but we just want to make a point of reminding all of you how important it is on New Year’s Eve. With the amount of surge that is likely to occur, riders will be paying a premium for many rides. So we want to make sure that we deliver a great service.

Here’s how:

  • Mints and water! Many riders will definitely appreciate getting a bottle of water on New Year’s Eve. You should make a point of stocking up!
  • Use the most efficient route! Riders will want to get where they are going as quickly as possible. Make sure you confirm they are happy with the route the app provides and ask if they want to direct you instead.
  • Don’t start and stop the trip for a rider no-show. All that will happen is we will have to refund the rider, they will likely give you 1 Star and you won’t qualify for any cancellation fees. Press info>cancel>client no-show.
  • If you have an issue let us know. Occasionally there will be an issue with the trip (mis-timed start, lost item etc) Let us know through the in-app support at the end of the trip (press ‘Need Help’ under the fare at the end of the trip) so we can help the rider. You should avoid contacting the rider for any reason after the trip without first communicating with us. This applies to every trip – not just NYE.

Head to for some training videos to give you a refresher on 5 Star Service!

Let’s make sure that we do everything to make our riders’ night as enjoyable as it should be!


The last thing you want on New Year’s Eve is to have an issue with your phone that keeps you off the road!

We will be responding to emails live until well after midnight and may be able to assist with technical issues that you may have. However, now that you can download the app onto your own device, we strongly advise all drivers to have a second phone with the app installed and ready to go.

Here’s how you do it:

Download on Android

1. Head to the ‘Play Store’ on your phone
2. Search ‘UberPartner‘ (one word)
3. Click Install

* Eligible for a 2013 Android device, version 4.0 or newer

Download on an iPhone

1. Open ‘Safari’ on your iPhone
2. Type ‘ into the web link
3. Click Install!

* Eligible for 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6+ iPhones running iOS 7 or iOS8

Head to this blog for a full guide on how to get another phone set up.

If you have two phones working then it makes sense to use the second phone for Uber whilst you use you main phone to call riders. This will make it easier and quicker to get in touch with riders if you need to.

If you have any issues setting up your phone, make sure you drop by during open hours on the 30th and 31st December so that we can assist!


We know that some of you will not be able to drive on the night of 31 December. You are going to miss out!

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t cash in on New Year’s Eve. On busy days when a lot of the drivers plan to come out in the evening, we are often under-supplied during the day. It is very common for us to have plenty of surge on Saturday afternoons before the incentives begin.

It would be great to see jump online to help our riders out and make some cash before you enjoy the festivities yourself!


We do not have usual open hours over Christmas. You can see our holiday open hours here. We will be holding open hours at the office at these times:

30th December : 4pm – 7pm

31st December : 2pm – 6pm

Drop by if you are having any issues so that we can ensure that you are ready to go on the big night!

Please note: the team will not be located at the St Kilda office from 6pm onwards. Please email first if you have an issue and we will respond quickly. There is no point heading to the office as we won’t be there.

Any questions?

Contact us at or tap HELP in your app.

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