How to tell you’re in an Uber

Which car is Uber?

Uber is blowing minds, changing lives and people are taking notice – namely those drivers who would fake the funk. What we mean to say is, we’re hearing that some of you are taking rides only to find out later that the driver isn’t with Uber! We can understand where some would want to poach our awesome clients, but we need your help ensuring you receive the Uber experience. So, here’s a little guide to Ubering:

Communication is key. We use text messages to let you know when your car is arriving and give you the driver’s phone number. If you find yourself confused as to which car is yours, give your driver a call and coordinate!

Check for the Uber iPhone. If calling your driver is not an option, once you get in the car, check to make sure there is an iPhone displaying the Uber app on the dashboard. Notice that the driver’s app is different than yours. It should look something like this:

The Uber iPhone

The Uber iPhone

Identify your driver. In your Uber app or the SMS’s we send, you’ll have the drivers name. Make sure that you double check that the driver is in fact the one you’ve requested. Also, the drivers should be using your name to identify you – if they don’t, ask for their name. This two-way use of displayed names can avoid a lot of issues. And be on the lookout because rolling out soon in an app update, we’ll be pushing a photo of your driver to your phone to make this even easier!

Lastly, please please please if you think you’ve hopped a ride with a non-Uber driver and want to avoid any cancellation fees or no-show penalties email us at

We work hard at Uber to provide you with the ride of your life…every time…but we can’t do that if you’re in the wrong car! So call your driver if needed, check for the iPhone running the UberDriver app, and identify your driver by name. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Stay safe, Uber on, and hit us up on Twitter at @Uber_SF or @Uber_NYC!

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