Guarantees and Hourly Promotions

Guarantees and Hourly Promotions

When we know there will be a lot of ride requests in your city at a certain time, we’ll often guarantee minimum gross fares for your time spent online and accepting trips.  If you don’t hit the minimum guaranteed amount from your trip fares, we’ll make up the difference!

What do I have to do?

To qualify for an hourly promotion, you will need to meet certain eligibility requirements, which could be a combination of:

  • Request Acceptance Rate
  • Trips Completed
  • Hours Spent Online
  • Rating during promotion period

Be sure to check your offer email for the specific eligibility requirements for your promotion!

How are guarantees calculated?

We will guarantee a gross fare amount for specific times of the day. The exact value can vary depending on when and where we are expecting demand. There may be a $30/hr in fares guaranteed on a Friday, but only a $12/hr fare guarantee on a Wednesday afternoon.

  • We will review all of the eligibility requirements in a given time frame. In order to receive guarantee payment, you may need to accept 90% of the requests you receive, or you might just need to be online for at least 4 hours. If you meet the requirements outlined, you are eligible!
  • Your Total Gross Fares will be calculated. If you earned more than the guaranteed amount, there will be no additional payment. If you earn less than the guaranteed amount, we pay the difference! Remember: Gross Fares include Uber’s service fee, but do not include the Booking Fee. In other words, when you end a trip and see $11.50 as the rider charge, we count $10.50 of it toward your Total Gross Fares.
  • We will calculate the total amount owed. If we are offering $20/hour, and you drive for 2.5 hours, you are guaranteed $50 in Gross Fares. We then subtract the total gross amount you made during those 2.5 hours to determine the amount owed.
  • The Net Total Owed will be paid out. We will add additional payments to top-up to the total amount owed to you, less Uber’s service fee, which will appear on the following week’s statement.


Here’s an example:

Two different promotions are offered on a Friday-

(1) Non-Peak hours Friday 11 am – 5 pm, with $20/hr in Guaranteed Gross Fares

(2) Peak Hours 5pm-2am, $30/hr in Guaranteed Gross Fares

With two separate promotions running, you could:

  • Meet the qualifications for both blocks and get the guarantee for both
  • Only meet the qualification for one, and only get the guarantee for one block
  • Not meet the qualifications for either block

Let’s look at the Non-Peak Hour example, for $20/hr in guaranteed Gross Fares. The time frame is 6 Hours long, and we require a minimum of 3 Hours online to be eligible.

If you drive for 4.5 hours during this time frame, we guarantee a total of $90 in gross fares (4.5 x $20). Let’s break it down, assuming you earn $50 gross, and there is a 20% service fee.

Gross Net (after service fee)
Guaranteed $90 $72
Earned $50 $40
Owed $40 $32

Your guarantee payout for this promotion is $32, which is added to your pay statement as a Miscellaneous Payment. On your statement the promotion payment will include a description of the requirements, your eligibility, and the total amounts guaranteed and paid!

Payments will always be made the week following the promotional period, and will be included on your regular weekly pay statement.

What happens if I don’t qualify?

We set eligibility requirements for guarantee promotions to ensure partners are providing an optimal experience to riders.

If you do not meet one or more of the requirements at the end of a promotion period, you will see a $0.01 line item on your payment statement. This will include a brief summary of the eligibility requirements and as well as your performance on the requirements you did not meet.


If you have any additional questions, please submit a question at!

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