Finals Study Break

With finals in full swing, we want give you an edge to help you get through studying. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Red Bull to give you wings! Request ‘Red Bull’ on Friday, December 11th and we’ll bring you some extra energy for your all nighter! The best part? It’s free! UBER IS BRINGING […]

Neighborhood Love: Manoa Edition

Each state has its typical college town, those seasonal cities where, during the months of September through May, business blooms and music booms at all hours of the night. In Oahu you get the best of everything packed in one island where each neighborhood has its own style. For example the  neighborhood of Manoa has […]

Your Uber Hawaii Syllabus

Welcome to the best class you’ve ever taken. Everything you need to know about Uber in Hawaii is right here! First things first, you’ll need to create your rider account. You can do that here. ENTER PROMO CODE: HELLOFREEDOM Enjoy your first ride free up to $20 SYLLABUS WHERE TO TAKE UBER FARE SPLITTING RIDER […]