Uber Launches uberSENIOR

Uber Hong Kong has named the first day of the month uberSENIOR Day, a pilot program offering discounts to senior citizens on Uber trips and enabling them to experience a reliable, safe, and affordable way to get around the city.  

Uber 推 「uberSENIOR 長者日」優惠試驗計劃

Uber 香港將每月首日命名為「uberSENIOR 長者日」,以試驗計劃推出優惠,讓長者享受舒適、可靠及安全的 Uber 旅程。

Uber 香港調整車資

鑑於對香港市場的評估,Uber 將調整車資,並由2017年8月21日起生效。

Uber Hong Kong Fare Revision

Based on an evaluation of the marketplace in Hong Kong, Uber fares will be revised starting 21 August 2017.

Uber 委任 Brooks Entwistle 為亞太區首席商業總監

今天,我們非常高興宣佈委任 Brooks Entwistle 為亞太區首席商業總監 (Chief Business Officer),即時生效。

Brooks your Uber is arriving now!

We’re delighted to announce Brooks Entwistle is joining Uber as Chief Business Officer, Asia Pacific, effective immediately.

Accelerating across Asia: Meet the Drivers Making it Happen

What does Uber mean to you? Is it the smartphone app that day in, day out connects you to a ride? Or is it the driver partners and their commitment to getting you around your city, whatever the weather, time of day or where you want to get to.

See what Andrew Macdonald, Latin America and Asia Pacific General Manager, has to say about what Uber means to him!


Uber 對你有什麼意義?是一個讓你每天搜尋共乘服務的應用程式?還是ㄧ個好夥伴,無論天氣、時間、地點,都能不負使命帶您前往目的地?

由 Uber 拉美及亞太地區總經理 Andrew Macdonald 分享Uber 對他的意義!

Local Eats – Support your neighborhood restaurants!

Running a restaurant is no walk in the park, especially against the backdrop of skyrocketing rent and an ever-increasing cost of living. Show your support for local mom-and-pops next time you’re feeling hungry.


UberEATS 平台上過千餐廳伙伴當中,不少都是紮根地區多年,默默耕耘的地區食店。在香港這個寸金尺土的地方做飲食業,少一點熱誠和堅持都難以撐下去。