Hey Barranquilla! Uber Has Arrived to the Colombian Coast!

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We celebrate our arrival to Barranquilla, our first city in the Colombian coast.

Throughout the centuries, Colombia’s Golden Gate has opened to give way to progress and development. Today we enter this gate committed to providing technology solutions that improve the mobility and safety of the citizens of Barranquilla.

Uber complements the existing supply of mobility options in the city, by seamlessly connecting users and drivers via our mobile app. Now barranquilleros have a new option to move around town in a safe, reliable and efficient way. Whether you are going to a business meeting, a rumba at Díscolo, support our Selección at the Metropolitano Stadium, or just to spend time with the family at the beach on Sundays, you can always rely on Uber.


Maurizio Mancini is the first barranquillero to use Uber in La Arenosa, trusts that “Uber is an efficient, safe and cool alternative that improves transportation as we know it”. Although Mauricio oversees Kong, NN, Kinky Disco and Frank Truck in Bogota from Monday to Friday, the coastal warmth still allures him and visits regularly to meet with family and friends. “Going forward, moving around Barranquilla will be a lot easier with Uber”, Mauricio added.

Barranquilleros and visitors can now have access, at the touch of a button, to the mix of fashion, gastronomy and culture the city offers. For driver partners registered with Uber, this is an unprecedented entrepreneurial opportunity that offers valuable autonomy and income.

Ready to try Uber? It’s very easy:

Initially, our availability is limited. Will you be one of the lucky ones to ride an Uber?

  • Download the free app from the Apple Store or Google Play
  • Sign up using your personal information and credit card
  • New users that enter the promo code AJAUBER to receive 3 free trips, up to $20,000 pesos each, valid through March 2015
  • Tap on the screen and watch as your private driver approaches
  • We will charge your trip fee directly to your card and send a confirmation to your email

In a few days, more barranquilleros will have access to safe, reliable and efficient rides in the city. From today on we sing: “¡En Barranquilla me quedo!”

Curious about our current fares?


You can find the most up-to-date fares in either our app or our city website Uber Barranquilla.

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Contact us at help.uber.com.

The Uber Bquilla Team

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