Here’s the Gravy: Flat Rate Airport Trips

Are you flying to or from SFO this Thanksgiving? Listen up all of you San Francisco transplants headed out for the holidays, and all of you Bay area natives coming home… Uber is making your transportation decision from SFO very easy. We’ve heard your airport pricing concerns loud and clear, so we’re offering flat fees for all SFO trips this Thanksgiving!

All SFO Airport trips are $65 bucks!  – Love 

Thanksgiving travel is ALWAYS a nightmare, but with the additional TSA “scrutiny” this year you’re really going to need Uber to calm your nerves. Get through your “scan”, avoid the protesters as best you can and hop into a warm and cozy town car to get you from the airport madness to your family OR from the family madness to the airport.

If that’s not enough, TripAdvisor reports that 72% of people will travel out of state for the holiday which means a lot of air travel. So, you may not enjoy every part of your Thanksgiving travel experience this year (see below), but it’s safe to say that starting and ending the trip with Uber is a smart call!

So, along with advising you eat a lot of stuffing, watch a lot of football, make sure to light up your Uber app (or just SMS us) so that you can avoid the headache of Turkey day travel with an Uber SFO flat rate ride.

Here are the details:

WHEN: Tuesday 11/23 4:00am – Sunday 11/28 11:59pm

HOW MUCH: $65 dollars flat

FOR: Airport trips, to or from SFO to anywhere in San Francisco


By the end of your trip, you’ll know what you’re thankful for ;)

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