Play Your Cards Right on Halloween Night

Halloween Uber

In the dark of night, only you can light the way to your destination. All the power lies in the palm of your hand.

But before summoning an Uber, you should know what your future holds. We sense that demand will be higher than normal throughout the weekend, so we recommend reading your cards before hitting the road.

Your Tarot Card Reading


The Leader: Request Early

A busy weekend lies ahead. Spirits will fill the air and Uber will fill the streets to meet increased demand on this very eerie All Hallows’ Eve.

So let your intuition lead the way. Request an Uber earlier in the evening to beat the rush and banish worry.

The Station: Take an uberPOOL

The path to your destination is filled with other spirits headed in the same direction. And your destinations are scarily similar.

Request an uberPOOL this weekend to share a ride and split the cost. You’ll have the power to see your future fare so you always know what you’re going to pay before hitting the road.


The Medium: Know Your Uber

Many souls will be using the same medium to travel this weekend. So be weary of confusion with the passing of every Uber.

Check the car’s license plate number and confirm your name with the driver before crossing over (to the other side of the city).

The Guardian: Contact Support

Whether you’re headed to a séance or home from trick-or-treating, we sense that the stars will align to provide you with a safe, reliable ride.

Channel the guardian spirit with the tap of a button in the Uber app. Then watch a driver magically appear to get you and your belongings safely to your next stop. If you’re cursed with leaving something in the car, contact support in the app to help you get it back.


The Crystal Gazer: Fare Split

The presence of paranormal activity may surprise others, but your clairvoyance sees such Halloween hocus pocus and protects you from it.

You won’t be spooked by your Uber fare because upfront fares tells you the total before requesting a ride. And Fare Split lets you share the cost with up to 3 friends riding with you into the spirit world.

The Nightwatch: Send Your Status

Not all spirits possess your power to communicate telepathically or see into the future. So they must rely on the Uber app for status updates.

Keep friends from getting left in the dark, and share your ETA once your ride starts. Then they can magically follow your progress in real time on the map.

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