Halloween Pro Tips

Halloween Pro Tips

With the potential to make more money and great people costume watching, Halloween is a big night for driver-partners. Read on for some tips on how to maximize your night.

Confirm Your Rider

Avoid picking up the wrong rider by asking for their name and then verifying it with the name in the app. If you do pick up the wrong person, let us know and we’ll help sort it out.

Contact Support

Did someone leave their fangs in your car? Snap a picture of any lost items and get in contact with the rider.

Avoid Cleaning Fees

Don’t get spooked by a mess in your car. We suggest bringing wet wipes with you or putting a sheet on the seats to keep the fake blood, zombie paint, and glitter to a minimum. Mistakes can still happen though, and you can request a cleaning fee if your car requires significant cleaning or repairs.

Don't Disclose Your Phone Number

When communicating with riders via the Uber app, your phone number is masked. For everyone’s safety and privacy, we suggest only connecting with passengers via the app.

Be Professional

It’s no secret that you may come across intoxicated riders on Halloween. If you feel uncomfortable, enlist the help of a sober (or less drunk) rider. If you observe behavior that may be in violation of the Code of Conduct, email us or call your local emergency services, if necessary.

Enjoy Your Night

Riders aren’t the only ones who should have fun—it’s your Halloween, too! Whether it’s a clever costume or tuning into our Halloween playlist, feel free to get in the spirit.

Did you know? Your work helps people make the right choice not to drink and drive. Read more about the effect that ridesharing can have on drinking and driving.