Hack the holidays with UberEATS

Ready or not, the holidays are here–along with the seemingly endless to-do lists.  But this year, we’ve got you covered for at least a few of those to-dos. Behold: Our 2016 holiday hacks.

1. You’re at the store and you’re pretty sure you have eggs. Or are you thinking of eggnog? How can you possibly keep track of all the goodies and ingredients you have vs. all the ones you need?

Holiday hack: Snap a pic of your open fridge before you leave the house. You’ll know exactly what’s in there, and you won’t have to search all your pockets for that list you may or may not have written last night.

2. You have 100 relatives and friends in other states. They all need gifts. Just thinking about going to the post office to mail them makes you break out in a cold sweat.

Holiday hack: Don’t sweat it. Did you know the USPS will pick up packages? Yup. Plus you’ll get to chat with your mail carrier and share some old-timey holiday cheer.

3. It feels like you just got done with Thanksgiving, and now you have to plan meals and snacks around shopping trips, school plays, work parties, and cookie swaps. 

Holiday hack: Have a delicious UberEATS meal conveniently delivered–right to you. 

Choose from more than 100 of your fave local restaurants and put great food on the table without stress or mess. You can even sit down and eat with everyone else.

Bonus hack: For all of December–get free delivery on orders over $50–in most UberEATS cities.  Save time–and keep the whole fam fed and entertained.

You work hard to make the holidays great. Use these easy hacks to have a happier season and to have more time with the people who matter most. Relax and enjoy that rarest of holiday gifts—a stress-free family meal. For real.

UberEATS is available in 50+ cities–so we’re likely to be in yours. Open your UberEATS app now and let us take dinner off your plate.

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