Getting to Know Seattle’s Bounty Kitchen: Farm-to UberEATS to-Table

Joining the Seattle foodie scene in 2015, Bounty Kitchen has quickly made a name for itself for its focus on local, organic products and its perfect-match partnerships with artisans and makers. From brews and breads, to cheeses and veggies, Bounty Kitchen is pouring the farm-to-table charm on thick, all in service of their mission to celebrate the bounty of the Cascade region. Menu items are crafted with layer upon layer of how-many-ingredients-are in-this-dish finesse. Pickled, roasted, grilled, or straight up, the flavors are crisp and elevated, yet the vibe of the restaurant is set to farmhouse comfy-cool.

As an UberEATS restaurant partner, Bounty Kitchen’s salads and “Great Bowls of Goodness” have Seattleites crossing their fingers that their selections don’t sell out during the lunchtime rush, especially the Lemongrass Basil + Peanut Salad.

The creators behind the modern neighborhood cafe are the husband-and-wife duo of Meg Trainer and Russ Waade. We caught up with Meg for a few insider tips about Bounty Kitchen and life in Seattle.

What do you love most about your everyday routine?

I love that I live and work in my own community. It’s a treasure that continues each day, especially when I leave home and walk to and from our cafe.

If Bounty Kitchen were a movie, what would be its theme song and why?

That’s tough. Bounty Kitchen is a quirky cafe that my husband and I partnered on. When I think of the adventures and journey our first year has brought, I hum “Two of Us” in my head. But not the Beatles version. I like the cover by Aimee Mann and Michael Penn. It just fits our adventurous spirit and defines our quirky relationship.

Which dish do you order off the menu most?

I’m a big believer in a healthy breakfast. I start every day off with our steel-cut oats. Finished off with fruit, spinach, nuts, and hemp seeds, it’s my breakfast of champions. For lunch or dinner, I love our healthy bowls and salads. I shake it up quite often.

Which dish wins the most compliments?

Definitely our salads and our bowls. The ingredients are textured and the flavors are layered; that’s what our guests mention the most.

Where do you take your out-of-town visitors to show off the city?

I’m planning a visit with my best friend for this summer, and at the top of my list is to hop on a ferry to Bainbridge Island, have lunch in the village, and visit the Bloedel Reserve, a renowned public garden and forest preserve. A ferry ride across Puget Sound is the best way to see our city. I also love exploring Pioneer Square. There’s always something new to discover in Seattle’s “original” neighborhood.

If you’re in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, stop in for some Strawberry Ricotta Toast or Meg’s Bread Salad. Take a detour as the melody of “Two of Us” suggests: “You and me Sunday driving/Not arriving on our way back home.” There’s an open seat at the community table and a bowl of goodness waiting for you.


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