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Since the launch of Uber in Berlin, residents and tourists of the city have experienced a new efficient, convenient and modern transportation option. This means a ride in less than 5 minutes at half the price of a taxi for thousands of Berliners. For 100’s of drivers, the Uber platform has provided opportunities to make a better income to provide for their families.

Today, ancient regulations in Berlin are threatening those jobs, outlawing competition, and preventing the citizens of Berlin from having access to cheaper, high quality transportation alternatives.

We need your support to keep Uber operating in Berlin.



At the time when the Federal Cartel Office is calling for more competition in the transport industry and a modernized set of laws, outdated rules are causing Uber to be issued fines of 25,000 – yes 25,000 – euros per ride on outdated rules that don’t serve consumers and are specifically designed to prevent competition. Some of those rules are:

  • The requirement that Uber own all of the cars that operate on the Uber platform. Uber partners with car owners, simply matching people wanting a ride with drivers nearby. This squeezes out any opportunities for existing small business owners and entrepreneurs who own existing vehicles.
  • The requirement that drivers ‘return to garage’ between trips. This means a driver must drive all the way back to his garage before picking up a rider that’s 5 mins away. It increases emissions, hurts the environment and makes no sense.
  • The requirement that drivers who charge for ridesharing are not allowed to earn enough to make the minimum wage. Shouldn’t drivers’ hard work be rewarded? Why shouldn’t drivers be able to earn more than the minimum wage?

These rules prevent Berlin from enjoying the benefits of transportation innovation being embraced by the rest of the world.

Some of these rules were written over 50 years ago, long before cell phones and apps existed. There may have originally been good reasons for them in the 1960s, but no longer.

We continue to do our best to adapt our business to the existing rules. We have reduced our prices to 35c per km, way below the cost of owning a car in Berlin. We are securing an operator’s license for UberBlack. And we have opened our platform to taxis, providing the same economic opportunity to all market participants.

There are people in Berlin who don’t want Uber to exist. Because we believe that you, the Uber riders, love the service, we need your help to keep Uber moving in Berlin. If nothing is done, the future of Uber in Berlin, and Germany, is in doubt. We are convinced that Berliners are and will always be committed to innovation. We encourage you to join us in this Call to Action, to ask the Minister for Transportation in each Lander, as well as the Federal Minister, to modernise the rules to allow innovation in transport. Make your opinion matter.

Please add your support here if you would like to grow the economy and modernise transport in Berlin


Your Team Uber Germany

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