BERLIN #UberEverywhere

For everybody who thought New York was still the only city that never sleeps, there is a reason why it is called  Berlin “3 Tage wach”. Scarred by its history, Berlin today is one of the most vibrant, energetic and dynamic European melting pots you can get to experience. Expect the most contradictory mix of intense history, high-end bars and restaurants, hipster lifestyle and crazy nightlife. Not only is Berlin one of the most talked-about tech start-up hubs, it has also become a mecca for artists, fashion and interior designers.


When you come to Berlin you will see that with all the charming but independent and different little neighbourhoods called “Kiez” you will be travelling quite some distances around the capital.

Since January 2013, Uber has been changing the way Berliners travel around their city, bringing world-class transportation to them. What Uber offers you is not only an elegant, safe and efficient ride at an affordable price, it is a whole new experience. Arrive in style, on time and with people you can trust!



Brandenburger Tor

With over 200 years of history the monumental Brandenburger Tor is without doubt the capital’s most famous door. Formerly separating Berlin and Germany’s east from west, it is today a national symbol for unity and, thus, one of the capital’s most iconic landmarks. Have a little stroll around the Tiergarten, Germany’s oldest zoo and former home of little Knut :(, then, if that was all a little much for you, why not treat yourself with a humble vichy shower at the stunning old-school Hotel Adlon day spa?

2 Shopping

If you want to spend a lot of money in no time, take a walk on Friedrichstraße and step into Quartier 206, THE luxury department store par excellence. On 2.500sqm you will find literally anything you want.

Katz Orange 

Honestly, choosing one favourite restaurant or bar in Berlin is basically impossible. There are just too many great places to go, so make sure you plan enough time for your trip to get the most experience. However, if we do have to choose, Katz Orange in the heart of Mitte is definitely a must. Nothing more to say, just try it! If you are just as big a G&T fan as we are, check out the G&T bar after dinner. It’s just around the corner and absolutely legendary!

4  Anna Blume

One of our favourite brunch places in boho Prenzlauer Berg. The coziest café combined with a little flower-shop that serves the most fragrant coffee, home-made cakes and tarts and has put a lot of detail into their interior design.

5 Sundays at Mauerpark

At Mauerpark, home to one of the few remaining parts of the “Berliner Mauer”, you will find one of the city’s best fleamarkets to rummage around some DDR tablecloth, musty factory-era fur coats and vintage jewellery. Once you MAY have eventually found your bargain, lean back and enjoy or actually join Berlin’s originals butchering one hit after the other at Bearpit Karaoke at the stone amphitheatre.







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