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At Uber, we aim to deliver the best value at every price point. That’s why we launched uberPOP in Paris in February 2014.

uberPOP is Uber’s low-cost ridesharing solution in Europe – the most affordable way for residents and visitors of our great cities to connect with a reliable, seamless ride.

New to uberPOP? Here are some important facts.

uberPOP facts

uberPOP is the cheap, fast, fun and reliable way to get around in Paris. uberPOP is an on-demand ridesharing service, where a nearby driver car is just a tap of a button and a few minutes away. By sharing the costs of your trip, riders get around town for less, while drivers benefit from a lightened burden of car ownership.

uberPOP improves urban mobility and benefits the environment. It’s a great opportunity for cities, their residents and visitors. By developing ridesharing, uberPOP:

  • Provides a low cost transport option, enabling anyone to get around at any time
  • Increases the supply of shared transportation services in a context of insufficient supply and strong and growing demand
  • Fosters the development of a transport ecosystem made up of public transport, taxis and private hire vehicles, car/bicycle sharing schemes, and car-sharing
  • Reduces the use of private cars and therefore traffic congestion and pollution

Safety is the foundation of the Uber experience. The Uber platform has unprecedented accountability measures built in, to ensure that both riders and drivers have a safe, comfortable experience – every time they ride with Uber.

These features include:

  • On-demand service: no street hailing – the user’s location is pinpointed and the nearest car arrives, providing true door-to-door service. The user can stay safe and comfortable wherever they are until a driver arrives. The location of both user and driver is tracked until the end of the trip
  • Transparency: users see the name, photo, license plate number and star rating of the driver as soon as they order
  • Share trip and estimated time of arrival: the user can share their trip details with friends (before or during the trip), who can follow their journey on a live map
  • Cashless transaction: payment is automatically processed to a rider’s credit card or PayPal account, so drivers and riders never have to worry about the risk or hassle of carrying cash or making change
  • Anonymous feedback, full accountability: after every trip, we ask the user to rate the driver and provide feedback about their ride and vice-versa, anonymously. Uber is constantly monitoring feedback to help drivers deliver the best user experience. Drivers work hard to keep their ratings high, and they know our culture of accountability goes both ways
  • Driver screening: all uberPOP partner-drivers undergo a strict screening process before being permitted on the Uber platform. Uber requires: Uber training, in-person interviews, driving license of more than 3 years, driver’s ID, background checks, car registration and driver’s insurance
  • Insurance: all rides on uberPOP in Paris arranged using the Uber app are insured. On top of their own personal and car insurance, all uberPOP rides are backed by a commercial liability insurance policy up to $5m (approx. €3.65m) covering the user and third parties in the event of property damage or bodily injury

The most important fact?

People want uberPOP. What we know without question is that riders and drivers are clamoring for more affordable transportation options in Paris.

Thousands of riders and drivers in Paris rely on uberPOP for an affordable, safe and reliable way to move around their city.


Your Uber Paris team

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