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An new mobility solution enabling users to reduce costs up to 50 % by sharing a part of the trip

Paris, 13 November 2014 – After San Francisco, Uber chooses Paris as the second city in the world to launch uberPOOL. As of tomorrow, Parisians and visitors alike will be able to use uberPOOL, a shared mobility solution.

Following a successful launch in Paris in 2011, Uber further expanded its innovative mobility platform to 5 additional cities across France – Lyon, Lille, Nice Côte d’Azur, Toulouse, Bordeaux. Today, the Uber platform connects over 500,000 riders of which 160,000 are uberPOP riders with drivers, at the touch of a button 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Launching uberPOOL in Paris as the first international city marks a new stage of technological development for the product and reaffirms the strategic importance of France for Uber.

As of November 14th at 15h00, uberPOOL will be available in Paris on the Uber app, allowing riders to participate in a new mobility solution. UberPOOL allows riders travelling in the same direction to reduce costs by sharing a part of their uberPOP trip.

While the uberPOOL idea is simple, the technology behind it is complex and is only possible due to the dense network of Parisian uberPOP riders. UberPOOL has the potential to revolutionise urban mobility in Paris: allowing riders to save up to 50% on uberPOP trips. This means that an uberPOOL trip from Opéra to Charles de Gaulle airport will cost approximately 18 euros and a trip from Opéra to Hotel de Ville could cost as little as 4 euros.

By enabling the better utilisation of existing vehicles, uberPOOL is bringing shared mobility to another level: we estimate that uberPOOL will transport an average of 3 passengers per trip, as opposed to 1,3 passengers per normal car trip and 1,7 passengers per uberPOP trip today.

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, Regional General Manager of Uber for Western Europe said:

“UberPOOL is an important innovative technology that encourages the development of a collaborative economy while offering an affordable, safe and reliable transportation alternative for consumers. In choosing Paris as the second city in the world to launch, Uber reaffirms its attachment to the French capital where the idea for Uber was born.

Thibaud Simphal, General Manager for Uber France said:

There are close to 5 millions cars in the Île de France, the majority of which are used only 5% of the time in a country where 15% of urban space is occupied by parking. Congestion will cost France almost 350 billion euros between 2015 and 2030. uberPOOL is an innovative solution contributing to limiting this waste by allowing consumers in France to easily share their trips. Combined with uberPOP and the development of other VTCs, uberPOOL has the capacity to revolutionise urban mobility and remove 800,000 cars off the roads in Paris by the end of 2016.”


Uber in brief

December 2008 – The idea for Uber is born in Paris

March 2009 – Uber is founded in California

December 2011 – Uber launches in Paris, the first international city

March 2013 – Uber launches in Lyon, the second city in France

April 2014 – Uber available in 100 cities around the world

June 2014 – Uber launches in Lille, the third city in France

August 2014 – Uber available in over 200 cities in the world

September 2014 – Uber launches in Bordeaux, Nice and Toulouse

October 2014 – uberPOOL launches in San Francisco

November 2014 – uberPOOL launches in Paris

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