Four is the magic number

Nights out just aren’t the same without a crew of cronies to share drinks, laughs and Ubers with – and we know you love impressing your friends by summoning a pimped-out car with the press of a button. But, at the risk of sounding parental, we have a rule we need you to follow:

Please only plan on putting 4 people in your Uber (including you).

The reason for the rule is not only for your safety, but because it’s the law. Right now the majority of the cars we have on the road are sedans which legally seat 4 passengers – asking your driver to pack in more people puts them at risk of receiving a ticket, losing their insurance, and puts extra wear-and-tear on the interior of their car (read: endangers their livelihood!).

Not only do we love our drivers and want to keep them happy, but having to cancel your Uber ride because the driver won’t take your 5 friends is an altogether lame experience. And believe us: we know how we’re going to fix this ;) *cough* car-type selection *cough* ability to request more than one car from a single account *cough*

If you have more people than will fit in one car:

Have more than one person in your group request a car on their own Uber accounts. If no one else in your entourage has an account, invite them to join Uber and we’ll hook them up with $10 of credit towards their first ride. And after they take that first ride, we’ll hook you up with $10 credit! #winwin :)

To invite your friends, you can log in to and then click “Invite Friends” or use the “Invite Friends” option in your app.


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