Founders Card Promotion – we’re Uber sorry

Earlier today, we sent an email explaining the terms of the renegotiated Uber/Founders Card promotion. To the 600 or so of you, I’m sorry about the royal communication screw-up on our part.

We have a long-term plan but let me be clear on what we’re going to do now:

  • Effective immediately, the Founder’s Card promotion will be reinstated for all existing Uber riders who previously entered a Founders Card code.
  • This reinstatement will be extended through to January 20th 2012.

Our original Founders Card promo was intended to run for one year through to November 2011. We should have given you plenty of advance notice that it would be soon be ending, along with an extension for those who needed it, rather than ending it prematurely.

Here’s what we believe:

  • Uber riders should never have to pay $500 to a 3rd party to gain benefits for being loyal users.
  • Uber riders deserve VIP treatment, and should be rewarded for using our service.

Our loyalty program will reflect these principles, and is expected to roll out by the end of November. Once again, we apologize for our sloppy handling of the Founders Card promotion expiration. We should have done better, and we’re genuinely sorry. We look forward to earning back your trust and being there when you need us.

Uber On,
Travis (Uber CEO)