Food for Every Taste From Toronto’s UberEATS Restaurants

Toronto is blessed with some serious culinary diversity, something that is reflected well in the restaurants who have partnered with UberEATS. But sometimes your cravings are pretty specific—which is where we can step in with suggestions based on what you feel like ordering. Whether you want something rich and decadent or something light and healthy, there’s a Toronto restaurant that has what you’re looking for.

Something Light and Fresh

Sometimes a heavy meal can make you feel sluggish and if you really don’t want to end up dozing trough your post-lunch meeting, the best option is often something light. The Beet, which uses local, organic ingredients whenever possible, has a menu filled with fast, fresh options that will hit the spot without weighing you down. Choose from an array of salads, wraps, sandwiches, and rice bowls filled with good-for-you ingredients.

Something Vegetarian or Vegan

It’s easier than ever to get flavor-packed vegetarian and vegan eats in Toronto. Two great options include Live Organic Food Bar and Apiecalypse Now! Pizza and Snack Bar. Live Organic Food Bar offers an extensive menu of organic, gluten-free, and wheat-free items loaded with veggies, some of which are cooked (like the burgers, burritos, and rice bowls) and some of which are raw, including raw tacos and raw falafel wraps. If you’re looking for a more decadent option, you can get vegan pizza slices (or a whole pie) from Apiecalypse Now! Pizza and Snack Bar.

Something Comforting

One of the most comforting foods out there has to be pierogis and you can get the much-loved dumplings filled with a whole host of filling combinations from Loaded Pierogi. Choose from the classic combo of cheddar and caramelized onions, or go out of the box with confit duck leg or pulled pork. The County General’s menu is also a good go-to for comforting meal options, including corn bread, ribs, and fried chicken.

Something I Can Eat With My Hands

Who needs a knife and fork? Sometimes what really hits the spot is something you can pick up and eat with your hands. Brock Sandwich has you covered in this department with a selection of hearty sandwiches like the savory bacon sandwich with fried egg, lettuce, charred tomato, and mustard seed mayo. If a burger is more your speed for a handheld meal, the Yellow Griffin Pub has a whopping 35 topping combinations to choose from.

Something Spicy

Wake up your taste buds with something spicy for lunch or dinner. At Aroma Fine Indian Cuisine, you can find a plethora of curry dishes that will add some heat to your day. Vindaloo especially will test your spice-meter and comes in chicken, lamb, or beef. Mexican is another option known for punchy, fiery flavors and at Grand Electric, you can opt for the spicy chicken or spicy yam tacos.

Something I Can Share

Ordering for a few people? If you’re looking for shareable eats, think about ordering several items from Middle Eastern spot Fat Pasha. An array of small plates like falafel, hummus, tabuleh, roast cauliflower, and pickles can make for a fun, flavorful meal to share with a pile of pita bread. Or there’s always the classic shareable meal: pizza. Order a variety of thin crust pies from Queen Margherita Pizza.

Something In a Bowl

Whether you’re trying to fight a cold or you just want something quick and simple, a meal in a bowl can be the ideal option. Order a steaming serving of noodle-filled ramen from Kinton Ramen, or choose from several soups from Soup and Such Café, which come as part of a vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore combo like the tuna wrap with vegetable lentil soup.

Something Sweet

Sometimes you just need to eat something sweet, whether you’re topping off a meal or just indulging a sweet tooth. When those sugar cravings hit, satisfy them with an order from Glory Hole Doughnuts or a treat from Bake Sale on the Kingsway.

Something Fried

The crunch of something fried can be satisfying in a way that nothing else is. If you’re craving that crunch, there are a few fun and flavor-filled options to satisfy your taste buds. Start with a fish and chip meal from Fresco’s Fish & Chips because there’s nothing like the crunch of a perfectly fried piece of fish, in this case: cod. The deep-fried pickles here are also a worthy choice. Other options include the crispy shrimp rolls or crispy spring rolls from popular Thai restaurant Sukothai, or the ultimate buttermilk chicken fingers from The Chickery.

Something Cheesy

When all you want is something coated in cheese or something that contains some ooey, gooey goodness, your best options are Cut the Cheese and Bobbie Sue’s Mac + Cheese. Both establishments offer decadent mac and cheese in several varieties and at Cut the Cheese, you can also get grilled cheese sandwiches.

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