Flat rates prevail over max rates

After much debate, we’ve decided to trade out all our max rates for flat rates.

Truthfully, the majority of riders won’t notice a thing – most fares to/from our max rate destinations hit the max (roughly 75% with the other 25% falling within $5 of the max).

So then why the decision to drop max rates? Offering flat rates allows us to be more fair to the Uber drivers – and if we’ve learned anything, it’s that happy drivers mean happy riders :)

Airport trips in many cities incur extra fees and drivers can’t count on picking someone up at the airport, so often have to make the trip back to the city with an empty backseat. Switching over to flat rates ensures that drivers are compensated fairly for any extra tolls/fees and the extra time/mileage when they head back to the city.

Plus as we continue to expand to new cities, flat rates keep airport travel simple and costs predictable.

Trust us when we say this was a debate. But our aim is to keep both sides of the Uber equation (riders and drivers) happy, so this was the right decision to preserve that balance. A happy equilibrium = an awesome Uber.

Uber on!