Finally, A Way To Give Your Driver A Sixth Star

Every day across the nation, drivers on the Uber platform work hard to seamlessly and efficiently move people around their cities. And sometimes, in the midst of getting you from point A to point B, a driver does something amazing.

Some have returned your lost items, everything from phones to diamonds. Others have given you a tour of your new city, showing you the sites. Some partners have even brought you to Labor & Delivery just in the nick of time.

We are grateful to and inspired by these individuals who go above and beyond in the service they provide to riders. So today, Uber and American Express are excited to honor these incredible drivers with our “Sixth Star Award” program. Each week, we will award one driver for service excellence with an Uber gift package and $1000 gift card from American Express.


To kick off the program, we are proud to recognize three drivers who truly embody the Uber spirit

East Coast: Edith from Atlanta“I am currently healing from an amputation surgery and use a walker to get around. Edith picked me up, and I told her I had two stops to make, including a supermarket. After she dropped me off at the supermarket, I was in the store and heard someone calling my name behind me. There was Edith with a shopping cart. I just couldn’t believe it! She went with me throughout the store, helped me check out and even carried all my groceries inside when we got back to my house. Now who does that? Edith does. She is a WONDERFUL person, not just a driver!”

– Robert, Atlanta

Midwest: Billy from Milwaukee“Around 12:30 am, I found myself impaired and decided that it would not be a good idea to drive home. I requested an UberSUV. I can’t tell you how courteous, conscientious, responsible, and professional Billy was. I asked if we could return to my car to retrieve my house keys. Billy noticed that my car was not parked legally and graciously asked if I would be okay with him moving it about 50 feet forward so I wouldn’t get a ticket overnight. He also noticed that I had valuables sitting out in the open on my seat and brought them to me. He even offered to stop and buy me water in case I was thirsty!

I have been chauffeured by first class corporations around the country, and this gentleman stood out above the rest to exceed my expectations as a professional chauffeur that valued his client’s safety throughout the trip home.”

– Sal, Milwaukee

West Coast: Mikhayel from Los Angeles“I recently used your service to get to LAX for a flight to Philadelphia. Because I was moving cross country, I had too much to bring with me on the flight and had to stop to ship items on the way. Mikhayel made several trips to the car carrying my belongings. I found out as I shipped the stuff that it weighed 300 lbs, which meant Mikhayel had taken 300 lbs plus two suitcases plus some more stuff in three carry-ons that I was planning on consolidating at LAX.

Finally, we made it to LAX and curbside check in was closed. Mikhayel stayed there while I found a cart, and he helped me load it. I found out that there was 10 minutes until they closed my flight; I had no time to consolidate my carry-on bags as planned. I took a giant leap of faith and begged Mikhayel to mail me two of the bags the next day and gave him money to do so. I had no idea if there was anything valuable in them or if he would actually send them. When I got to my mother’s I fell asleep for 24 hours, and when I woke up there was a text message from him with a picture of the package and the tracking number. Less than a week later my package came.

I only wish that you could move Mikhayel to Philadelphia. He represented your company above and beyond. He knew that I could not give him repeat business as I was moving, yet still treated me like a VIP. He deserves a billboard on Sunset Blvd.”

– David, Philadelphia

*Please note that rider stories have been edited for length.

Congratulations to our inaugural Sixth Star Drivers—Edith, Billy, and Mikhayel!
Drivers like you and so many others make an important difference out on the roads and in your communities every single day.


Riding with Uber can be rewarding in more ways than one! Here’s what else is new with the Uber-Amex partnership:

  • We have expanded our partnership to Android! Starting today, Amex Card Members enrolled in the Membership Rewards Program can now choose to earn 2x Membership Rewards points or use points for their Uber rides in the Android app (or the iOS app)! Learn more here.
  • Never used Uber? Amex Card Members who are new Uber users on iOS or Android get $30 off their first ride with the promo code UBERAMEX when they download the app and sign up for Uber with any American Express Card.

To get more details about our program with Amex, check out our FAQ.
Restrictions & Program Terms Apply:

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