Feedback is a Two-Way Street

Feedback is a two-way street – important to ensuring a high quality experience for the leading internet-enabled platforms, marketplaces and online companies you love.  At Uber, riders rate their experience at the end of every trip, and drivers do the same. Uber regularly reviews that feedback and, through this process, we’re able to create and maintain a safe and respectful environment for riders and drivers in more than 200 cities around the world.

Real-time feedback about drivers means Uber can correct for issues big and small – while ensuring that only the best drivers stay on the road. We take this feedback seriously – depending on the circumstances, rider feedback may lead to deactivating a partner from the system or serve as validation that the driver is providing great service.

An Uber trip should be a good experience for drivers too – drivers shouldn’t have to deal with aggressive, violent, or disrespectful riders. If a rider exhibits disrespectful, threatening, or unsafe behavior, they, too, may no longer be able to use the service.

Have partner drivers been deactivated for consistently poor ratings? You bet. Have riders been given a temporary cooling off period or barred from using the app for inappropriate or unsafe behavior? Yes. The system works to make sure the most respectful riders and drivers are using Uber. For example, in San Francisco only 1% of trips have a low rating of 1 or 2 given to a rider or a driver. That’s pretty amazing if you think about the volume of Uber trips being completed at all hours of the day and night.

An Uber user is able to see a driver’s rating after the driver has accepted a ride request. That one- to five-star rating is shown next to his or her photo, car type, and license plate number at the bottom of the app. We’re exploring ways to show the rider’s rating in the next generation of the app, but in the meantime, a user’s rating can be obtained by simply asking the driver or contacting support.

We want you and your driver to have a great ride, every time, and this one of the many ways Uber monitors the quality of the experience. If you ever have questions or feedback, your Uber Community Managers are standing by to help at

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