¡Hola Barcelona!

From a simple idea — push a button, get a ride — Uber has grown into a global platform powering around 15 million trips across more than 600 cities every day. We’re humbled to be a part of how people today, all over the world, interact with their cities and with each other.

While Uber has revolutionized the way people move in cities around the world, it’s equally true that we made mistakes along the way. We are changing the way we do business, putting integrity at the core of every decision we make and working hard to earn the trust of the cities in which we operate. Barcelona is no exception.

Over the past few months, we have been engaging with local stakeholders to develop a new service with professional licensed drivers to address the city’s growing transportation needs.

We are excited to announce that, starting today, you will be able to use Uber to get reliable on-demand transportation in Barcelona. By simply requesting a ride through the Uber app, available on Android and iOS, we will connect you with one of the hundreds of professional drivers on our uberX service.

At the push of a button you can now arrive on time for that urgent business meeting, get a reliable late night ride home or head to the beach without having to worry about finding a parking space.

And it is not just the local citizens of Barcelona who will be able to enjoy the benefits of reliable on-demand transportation. More than half a million people opened the Uber app in Barcelona last summer, expecting to get a ride in this famous tourist destination.

Services like Uber, together with public transport, now provide a genuine alternative to car ownership. We are fully committed to working with the entire sector – including taxis – to improve mobility in Barcelona together.

We are thrilled to be back and look forward to getting Barcelona moving.

Carles Lloret, General Manager for Southwest Europe