A Fresh Take On 2016

Resolution season is here. And instead of making a big pledge, we’re trying to make small adjustments—reading before bed, taking the stairs, and having something healthy, like a vitamin-rich juice, every day.

If feel-good fuel is on your 2016 agenda, 12 fresh-pressing, positiving-wielding juiceries are on call to bring it your way. Here’s the squeeze on the spots that are freshening things up, all this week with UberEATS.

Jrink, Washington D.C.

JRINK juices are 100% raw and cold-pressed, made with a hydraulic press to “squeeze every colorful, delicious drop of liquid” from fresh ingredients while keeping nutrients intact. With purposeful names like Fuel Me Up and Clean Me Up, these juices are more than just yummy–they’re just what the doctor ordered.

Greenhouse Juice Co.,Toronto

Greenhouse is more of a family of friends than a cold-pressed juice company. And their goal is to offer a simple, delicious way to integrate plant-based health into busy lives. The result is a menu of live elixirs that taste great and fill you with sustainable energy.

Can Can Cleanse, San Francisco

Can Can founder Teresa Piro wants people to remember what it feels like to feel good. An advocate for eating whole foods and practicing mindfulness, she inspires her “Can Can-ers” to discover the physical and mental clarity that comes from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Happy Moose Juice, San Francisco

Founders Phoebe and Ryan are dedicated to bottling up the best veggies, fruits, nuts, and roots that the Bay Area has to offer. They take pride in creating juices that cleanse, detoxify, and transform diets–and make you feel amazing.

Project Juice, San Francisco

Born out of a personal “project” to make feel-good food accessible to Californians, Project Juice sources the best certified organic produce from local farms and offers plant-based foods, cold pressed juices, and superfood smoothies across the state.

Daily Greens, Houston

Why eat your veggies when you can drink them? Daily Greens presses six pounds of raw, USDA Organic Certified and Non-GMO produce into every 16oz bottle of their signature green juices and they’re passionate about sharing the nutrients in every one.

The Gem, Dallas

A Dallas safe haven for “guidance, humor, and wit about healthy, happy lives,” The Gem offers juices and teas that are approachable and delicious–always served with a side of positivity. Their motto is a feel-good mantra for the people of Dallas; “Peace. Happy. Juice.”

Daily Juice, Austin

Austin-born Daily Juice is not a juicery. It’s “a cosmic family co-creating the best selection of living foods.” They invite their customers to join them at their “fountain of juice” and see their colorful cornucopia of juices as a fuel for “the mind, body, and soul.”

Kale Me Crazy, Atlanta

This superfood cafe is a meeting spot for wellness hunters in Atlanta. They believe everyone deserves access to real, healthy food. In addition to their juices, they offer a breadth of organic grab-and-go meals like vegan wraps and antioxidant-rich acai bowls.

Juice Served Here, Los Angeles

Founded by Greg Alterman & Alex Matthews, two fashion industry heavyweights determined to “drink themselves clean,” Juice Served Here is a celebrity favorite with a cult following. They provide nourishing, certified non-gmo juice that is never cut with cheap fillers.

Rawesome Juicery, Atlanta

Rawesome serves fruit smoothies, salads, and cleansing shots that allow body systems to “rest and catch up.” Atlanta fans swing by daily for a boost of vital vitamins and minerals and a reminder of how nourishing food can “help the body self heal.”

Harvest Juicery, Chicago

At Harvest, only organic and locally sourced fruits and vegetables make it into their juices. They incorporate fresh herbs and spices every bottle so that you get a zip on your taste bud while you nourish your body.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to add a bit of freshness to your day UberEATS has your back. You can see all the healthy meals and juices available this week at UberEATS.com. 

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