Save 20% This Weekend

Can’t wait for the weekend to start? Neither can we. That’s why we decided to start our weekend 20% off early so you can enjoy the convenience of Uber for even less. All you need to do is enter promo code ‘WKND20DXB’ to save 20% on all your rides today, Wednesday June 1st – 11:59pm […]

From Gotham to Metropolis At The Tap of An App

We’re giving you the chance to win tickets to an advance screening of the epic 3D blockbuster, BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, before it opens in theaters.

Moms Know Best

Although you might have never thought it at the time, eventually we all come to realize that Mom was right. Whether she was telling you to eat your veggies, brush your teeth, or use a seatbelt, moms are always full of sound advice.

Pro Tip: Share Your ETA

It happens to the best of us – a meeting runs late, you get stuck in traffic, or your flight gets delayed, and before you know it you’re making calls and sending messages to let people know you’re behind schedule.

Luckily there is an Uber feature that allows you to let your friends and family know you’re safely on your way, with just a tap of a button.

UberBOOK: Read While You Ride

When you leave the driving to us, the time you spend getting around town truly becomes your own. As part of our partnership with the Emirates Literature Festival we are making your ride even more cozy, by turning your seat of your Uber into your favorite reading chair. #UberBOOKS

Win With Uber At The Abu Dhabi Triathlon

One of Abu Dhabi’s biggest athletic events is set to kick-off next Friday, February 26th at the Yas Marina Circuit.

Since you can’t cross over the race finish line in an Uber (that’s cheating), we’ve teamed up with Yas Marina Circuit to kickstart your race and make sure you get there safely, and affordably.

Uber At The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

This week starts the countdown to one of the biggest and most beloved Dubai sporting events, the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon. From professional athletes, to first-time racers, and everyone in-between, more than 25,000 runners will test their limits as they make their way through the streets of Dubai next Friday. In preparation for the marathon, there […]

Do the Impossible With Uber & Visa

This year for the Dubai Shopping Festival, we’ve partnered up with our friends at Visa to help them make the impossible possible. Throughout the month, Visa will be bringing you impossible deals from the hottest retailers in Dubai, and we’ll be delivering those deals directly to your door via the Uber app.

Jump Around With Uber and Bounce

Looking to try something new? Join the jumping revolution, and check out Bounce, the UAE’s first trampoline playground. From a wall to wall free jumping area, to dodgeball, to learning how to slam dunk, there is something for everyone at Bounce.

Now through January 16th, 2016, get 2 for 1 admission at Bounce and AED80 off your Uber ride there or back.

Being Uber in 2015

The Uber model is quite simple, ‘push a button, get a ride.’ So simple, in fact, that it has spawned similar businesses across the world. The ‘Uber’ of food delivery, the ‘Uber’ of laundry, the ‘Uber’ of logistics, the ‘Uber’ of the Middle east… and the list goes on. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all, but we like to think that nothing is really as good as the original, and this is why we are summing up what being ‘Uber’ means to us.