Drive with uberX in Singapore!


Drive with Uber! Set your own hours, earn up to S$1000/week in fares driving your own car.

What’s the Opportunity?

You drive your car and set your schedule — the app on your Uber phone will help you connect to your customers. Switch it on. See people near you who need a ride. Pick them up. Take them places. Get your fares. It’s that simple.

Why Drive With Uber?

When you partner with Uber, we’ve got your back. We’re always working to provide you with a growing network of riders, better tools, and a secure, stable way to make a living.


  • Work the hours you want – no shifts or minimum hours.
  • Be your own boss. Build your own business from the driver seat.

Great Earnings

  • Make S$1000 in fares a week helping people get around Singapore.
  • See your fares for each trip. Get paid weekly and on time.

What do I need to get started?

  • a valid driver’s license or equivalent
  • Singapore registered car

How do I get started?

  • Click the “Get Started Now” button above or below
  • Select the car type that is most relevant for you and fill out the form to create an account
  • Click “View my Dashboard”
  • Add in the necessary information about your documents and information
  • Someone from our team will reach out to you in a few days! Any queries email


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