Doughnut Time


From “hole in the wall” to doughnut empire, the Damien Griffiths owned Doughnut Time has come a long way since launching in 2015. 

Fabled for their spectacular decorations, these creative bundles of joy quickly took over social media and became a phenomenon. 

“We started as a start up. So the early success came by surprise. We were your classic start up guys, trying to have a go and it just took off!” Damien said.  

The idea came from noticing the hysteria and massive lines at doughnut shops across Chicago. From that experience there was an instant desire to bring the same joy and obsession to Australia.

Doughnut Time has managed to harness the power of social media and amass a cult-like following with their unique branding, but that has certainly been no substitute for quality. 

“DT is an original scratch recipe, we make everything at the beginning of every day and we don’t pump it full of artificial preservatives.” Damien said.

With so many exciting flavours and options to choose from, it may come by surprise that Damien has a favourite.

“I am a Verusa Salt fan, you just can’t go wrong with salted caramel.” Damien said.

Doughnut Time have now partnered with UberEATS in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and last week Gold Coast joined the fold.

“We are really excited about UberEATS rolling out to the Gold Coast. We love that our customers can get their doughnut fix without leaving their home or office.” Damien said.

Go ahead, have a Verusa Salt. Search Doughnut Time in the UberEATS app.

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