Don’t Be Spooked This Halloween

Getting around on Halloween doesn’t have to be scary!

Lots of ghosts and ghouls will need rides tonight, and we’re here to be the most reliable option in town. Come dressed up with all the knowledge you’ll need to get around safely and conveniently.

Treat yourself to our smart tips below, and remember,
there are no tricks here — you’ll always know the rate before you request.

Surge pricing allows us to remain reliable, even on one of the busiest nights of the year. Our rates will float in real time with fluctuations in supply and demand. Increased rates incentivize more driver partners to get on the roads and ensure those who need a ride won’t be left stranded.

Halloween Pro Tips

There’s nothing to be afraid of this Halloween. We have some awesome features in
place so you can enjoy reliability without any surprises.


  • Rolling with the whole skeleton crew or just your boo? (Hey, you can’t party alone on Halloween!) Fare splitting lets you roll deep and keep it cheap.
  • If the going rate is a bit higher than you’d like, don’t freak out. Select to be notified when surge has dropped.
  • Pregame went too long and need to get to the party right away? Check out a fare estimate!

Sruge-Drop-Title Fare-Est-Title

Forget passing out candy — share your personal invite code with guys and ghouls who are new to Uber. For each friend who signs up and rides, you’ll earn earn a free ride (up to $30). The only thing easier than racking up piles of free candy on Halloween, is scoring free rides with Uber!

So ditch the broom and grab the most reliable ride in town. With these helpful features at your fingertips, you won’t be left in the dark this Halloween.

Happy Haunting,
Team UberEverywhere

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