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Jonathan Do Good

A typical ride: you request, have small talk with your driver, and safely get where you need to go. For Jonathan, a driver-partner in California, his rides are anything but ordinary — he wants his passengers to have fun and turned each trip into a dance party — and now the latest viral video. We caught up with the man in front of the cam to learn more about what inspired him to create this feel-good video.

Where were you driving when the video was filmed?

The entire video was filmed in San Francisco and it took me two weekends to film.

How did you choose this song as something that you wanted to film people jamming out to in the car?

I’d play Can’t Feel My Face and I would see my riders dancing to it, and I thought why not spread some joy to other people? So I put a camera on my dashboard, and if anyone wanted to dance in front of it and it was safe, then we’d hit record.

It looks like your passengers definitely loved the dance party. What did they think of you making a video out of it?

They absolutely enjoyed it! Every single person in the video enthusiastically said yes, and they were dancing from their heart. I thought, “hey, I want to make sure your ride is great, let’s have fun with it.” These are moments I will remember for the rest of my life.

The video has blown up over night going from 2,000 views to over 100,000. Why do you think this video is going viral?

It’s surprising it has gotten so big. I think some of the reasons why it’s going viral is because of the brand recognition of Uber. Also, that song is great and people will sing along and dance to it. Last but not least, it’s a feel-good video. Everyone in the car is dancing and having a great time and makes you want to have fun, why wouldn’t you want to share that!

What was the reason you started driving with Uber in the first place?

It’s a personal thing, but Uber was the best choice because it provides me the flexibility to work in LA and work in San Francisco. My family is in LA, but I also come up to San Francisco to see my girlfriend who works odd hours. It gives me ample time to see her when she is free, and when she is working I can do my Uber thing.

And that is why I chose Uber. It’s the monetary side of things, but it also allows me to make people happy. It’s just magic.

What’s been the most interesting experience driving with Uber?

In my first week I was driving in Oakland and picked up four ladies in their 40’s. They told me that someone stole their cell phone and we needed to go get it. It became a detective game where we used the map app to go to the location where her iPhone was. It was really fun driving them around in a kind of covert way, and they trusted me to get them safe to go to where they needed to go and make sure to get their cellphone back. And they found the phone! So that was a very interesting experience. Everything else, like people talking to me and learning about their lives, it’s just cherries on top of that experience.

Your name on YouTube is Do GOOD Jonathan. What’s the inspiration behind that?

The inspiration is one thing: it’s a reminder to do right in life. Everything that I post on my channel, as long as it follows that one line, do good, then I’m doing something right. I just want to make sure that I post content that follows the mantra of doing good.

Are you planning to do another video? What’s going to be next for you?

Yes! I have the next song and I need to practice it. It’s a really good song and I don’t want to give it up just yet.

Check out Do GOOD Jonathan’s video below:

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