DC Kitchensurfing Chefs


Name: Madea Allen
Style: Food that makes people come alive! Madea has a healthy inspired cuisine with bold flavors, she is a bit local with a global twist.
Name: Ronald Reid
Style: Chef Ron features Modern American cuisines with a good ol’ Southern influence.
Name: Frank Paris
Style: Modern American with an inventive style! Paris always incorporates delicious fruits and veggies into each of his dishes.
Name: Linda Berns
Style: Flavorful Mediterranean and Middle Eastern with tasty twists from Latin America.
Name: Terrell Danley
Style: Chef Terrell’s Mediterranean flavors meet his modern take on Southern food.
Name: Ahmad Saeed
Style: Focuses on a mix of modern and traditional, with a focus on Middle Eastern cuisine inspired by his roots.
Name: Laura D’Anna
Style: Chef Laura is fresh and fun, with French techniques and a Brazilian twist.
Name: Dadisi Olutosin
Style: Chef Dadisi’s cuisine may be eclectic but it is down right comforting! Gourmet comfort food inspired by country creole.
Name: Bradley Curtis
Style:Modern interpretations of global cuisine with a focus on Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food.
Name: Marysabel Taboada
Style:Chef Marysabel has a style that mixes Peruvian flavors with classic French techniques.
Name: Loly Noghreh
Style:She loves to create a wonderful atmosphere and awake people’s senses with her modern Latin and Spanish cuisine.
Name: Janet Davis
Style: If we had to sum up Chef Janet’s style of cooking in one word it would be FLAVOR!
Name: Wille Harner
Style: Cooking healthy, attractive, flavorful food with traditional Italian Influences.
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