DC Data: More Affordable Rides, Higher Driver Earnings

Since our launch in DC we’ve provided tens of thousands of driver-partners with an unprecedented opportunity to make a living or earn supplemental income on their own schedule. And all the while, we’ve connected riders with an increasingly affordable and reliable way to move around their city, facilitating over tens of millions of rides in the area.

We’re committed to making Uber the most affordable option to move around town and the best platform for our driver-partners to earn a living. We’ve learned that we can do both: more people can pay less for rides while partners can earn a great living.

We’re constantly monitoring driver earnings and closely analyzing the data to ensure we can make uberX available to more people without decreasing driver earnings. We’ve seen it work in markets across the country, and are confident that lower prices = more trips for partners = higher earnings. And we’re excited to share the results of a recent analysis that prove this to be true right here in DC.

Here’s what we found:


Before we lowered our prices in late January, Uber partners were averaging fares of $22/hour. In the months following, that average has increased to $26/hour, and 83% of partners are earning more than the January average.

How does this work?

It’s important to understand that partners earn money when they’re on a trip with a rider in the car. That means the more time partners spend with riders, the more they’re able to earn per hour. Here’s a snapshot of how a typical hour online has changed for partners.

Screenshot 2015-05-05 09.50.22

In a given hour on our platform, uberX partners are now spending over half of their time with a rider. Partners are delivering more rides, making more money, and helping to make transportation more efficient for riders and drivers alike in the DC area.


Do you have any questions or concerns? Or are you interested in learning how to become more efficient on the road and increase your earning potential? We would love for you to come by the office to chat with us. Office hours and location below.

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