#WhyIDrive: D’Angelo Harris

D’Angelo Harris, 23

  • Hometown: St. Louis
  • Instagram: @777uhoh

How long have you lived in Chicago?

I’ve been in Chicago for 4 years now. Came here for college. I just graduated this year.


Thank you, thank you.

So, you went out there for school. Why did you choose Chicago out of any other city?

Actually I was just looking for scholarships. In high school, I played football for a long time, but I got injured. I started bowling and got really good at it. Someone was telling me you could get a bowling scholarship. So, I came out here to be a bowler. *laughs*

That’s awesome. What was your major?

I majored in art and design. I’ve been creative my whole life. It taught me a little bit of everything: illstruatrating, photography, videography. I really love photography and videography more than anything, so I just stuck with it.

How long have you been taking photos?

Oh man. I’ve been taking photos before selfies were called selfies. I started 4 years ago.

What originally inspired you to start doing photography?

Pictures mean everything. I like photography because of memories. If you take a shot, it’s supposed to bring a mood or remind you of something. If I take a picture, I want to remember the moment forever. Instead of getting a tattoo, you can use your camera. *laughs*

That would be a lot of tattoos.

Too many.

How would you describe your photography style?

Really abstract. I don’t like taking straight on pictures. I like the angles and crazy focus. It could be a picture of a tree, and instead of focusing on the limbs, I might focus on a bird hanging off a leaf or something.

Why do you like that style?

I think it speaks to who I am — I’m different. I like different things. I don’t see things like everyone else sees it.

That’s great. So, you also drive with Uber. How long have you been driving?

Almost a year now.

Since you’ve been driving, have you discovered new places in the city?

Yes, a ton. Chicago is huge. Driving around I see places I would have never thought of. It’s just so big.

What’s your favorite place you’ve found?

Probably the aquarium. It’s right by the beach. It’s a cool chill spot, so relaxing. That place just has really good vibes. Everyone is happy.

I took someone there one day. My rider said, “You should go check it out!” I dropped him off and got out. I just took a break and relaxed there. It’s a nice area. That was the first time I ever saw it.